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Jun 2015
Rai Butera
Jun 02 2015 10:52

I don’t understand how to use RxJS Schedulers, specifically an RxJS test scheduler. I want to test a BehaviorSubject (“Output") which takes inputs from an Observable (“Source”) and another BehaviourSubject (“Updates”).

what I want to do:

  1. subscribe to the output, assert that it starts off empty
  2. check the state of the output after the source is retrieved
  3. trigger some updates on the update
  4. check the that output BehaviourSubject after updates contains both the source and updates

if anyone can help I’m happy to pay via paypal or something

Ben Christensen
Jun 02 2015 19:33
@raibutera I'm not much help for RxJS, but for RxJava can easily point to examples using a TestScheduler.