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Jul 2015
Dirk T.
Jul 01 2015 06:30
Hello everyone. I appologize in advance for my ignorance. I haven't used RXJava before. But since it appears to be a well-maintained and very clean Java library, I was wondering if RXJava is suitable for the following two unrelated (ab)use cases:
  • System Dynamics: That would especially mean that feedback loops have to be feasible
  • As a Replacement for Bean Properties and/or JavaFX Properties: That would mean that (bidirectional) Bindings between Observables is possible
    I would be especially interested in examples for these uses.
Simon Baslé
Jul 01 2015 07:43
hi Dirk, did you have a look at ReactFX (a RxJava-to-JavaFX binding library)?
I don't know about your first point though...
Dirk T.
Jul 01 2015 20:20
ReactFX was exactly what i was looking for. It has all I need to work with JavaFX even without RXJava. Thank You, Simon!