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Jul 2015
Denis Stepanov
Jul 23 2015 08:12
I would like to map the exception to other exception, let's say I know there is an exception that wraps the original one. Would be nice to have observable.mapError(throwable -> {logic})
Robert Winkler
Jul 23 2015 08:15
@dstepanov Do you know ?
There is a Try monad. Maybe you can use it for your requirement is another library which can be used with RXJava
@mattblang If you need a real circuit-breaker, you could use
but I assume yon mean something different with short-circuit.
Denis Stepanov
Jul 23 2015 08:49
I just want to keep the original error in the Observable, not the wrapper like ExecutionException etc.
Matt Langston
Jul 23 2015 13:49

@RobWin Maybe I should use different wording than short-circuit. Basically, I just want to end a series of calls in a flatMap if an Exception happens. See this SO ticket, I detailed my issue with a sample.