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Sep 2015
Justin Hall
Sep 02 2015 17:15
Is there a way to clear the cache from a caching Observable (.cache()) once the cached value has been emitted (observed by a subscriber)?
David Stemmer
Sep 02 2015 18:47
@wKovacs64 is there a reason you can't simply create a new Observable?
Justin Hall
Sep 02 2015 19:29
@weefbellington I might be able to, although it could be messy due to where the Observable lives vs. the Subscription actions. That might be what I have to do if there isn't a native way to clear it.
Dave Moten
Sep 02 2015 19:37
@wKovacs64 I answered that on stack overflow a while back. See
Justin Hall
Sep 02 2015 19:39
@davidmoten Thanks.
Justin Hall
Sep 02 2015 20:38
That post is actually the exact same scenario I'm in, heh.