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Dec 2015
Dec 07 2015 18:03
hi all, why cache doesn’t work when data receive in the first time?
        searchWineObservable = createSearchObservable();
        cachedWineObservable = searchWineObservable.cache();
when i search using searchWineObservable first - and then subscribe to cachedWine…. it’s not working
Dmitriy Tarasevich
Dec 07 2015 19:17
you first subscribe to searchWineObservable and then afterwards cachedWineObservable ?
you don't need to separate them. Just do searchWineObservable = createSearchObservable().cache() subsequent calls would return the cached object
Abhinav Solan
Dec 07 2015 20:07
Hi All, If I create a function which takes in a Optional<T> and return Observable<T> from it.. then is it a Monoid ?
can anyone please review my tuples library before I start promoting it around?