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Jan 2016
Josh Durbin
Jan 11 2016 16:22
I think this question was asked a few months ago, but I’m not sure it was answered… I’m looking to integrate the ElasticSearch Java API into a project that uses Rx for nearly all external communication already. The ES Java API already returns Futures for most operations. With that said, what’s the best / preferred method for bridging Futures to Observables?
Artem Zinnatullin :slowpoke:
Jan 11 2016 16:26
Observable.from(future) should work fine for you
Jan 11 2016 16:27
Also, try not to switch between the two worlds every time, pick one and stay in it.
At least that's what i always hear when ther's a discussing on alternate async interfaces.
Josh Durbin
Jan 11 2016 16:32
Yeah, at this point I prefer to use the Rx interfaces.