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Jan 2016
Alessandro Vermeulen
Jan 27 2016 16:00
Where does someObservable.toBlocking().toFuture() block? Many methods on this page describe blocking. In the description of toFuture() blocking isn't mentioned.
From what I see in the code, it doesn't block. But it would be nice if this could be confirmed
Michael Nitschinger
Jan 27 2016 16:09
@spockz toBlocking never actually blocks
it just converts it into a BlockingObservable
it only blocks on the actual methods, like toBlocking().single() (uses a latch there)
or when you convert it into an iterable
Alessandro Vermeulen
Jan 27 2016 16:18
@daschl that is what I reckoned
Simon Baslé
Jan 27 2016 17:02
@spockz @daschl toFuture uses a single on your source to enforce the contract of a single value, and will block if you call get(), block for a maximum of timeout and throw TimeoutException if you call get(timeout, timeUnit)
but otherwise will behave asynchronously