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Apr 2016
Artem Kochkin
Apr 20 2016 04:51 UTC

Hello. I need a multithreading processing for my collection. I tried to

  1. Create ExecutorService threadPoolExecutor = Executors.newFixedThreadPool(coreCount);
  2. Create Observable<Observable<N>> source, that emit as many Observable.just(list.subList(start,finish)); as coreCount. For each new Observable do subscribeOn(Schedulers.from(threadPoolExecutor))

Or may be there is some operator for that task?

Abhinav Solan
Apr 20 2016 22:11 UTC
Hi, need help regarding a problem I have, there is stream of data (an iot device reads), now there are some validations which that data needs to go through, for e.g. are the values in the data valid, or the configuration of that data is valid or not, these are like some nested if else conditions on that data .. and I cannot filter data, it's just that of the read is valid or not it would be going to a certain source .... I have tried using groupBy but it is increasingly getting messy with my code. Are there any suggestion on what I can use to make my code remain functional and good as well ?