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Aug 2016
Satyarth Sampath
Aug 25 2016 08:08

Hi There,

I have a weird issue which I am not able to word properly,but I shall try my best here.

Observable<Item> stream;
//getList is a completing observable,it returns a list of items and marks as completed
Observable<List<Item>>  getList;

function Observable<List<Item>> getListStream(){

        //Whenever _stream_ emits an item,
I need to return the list of items emitted by getList as the onNext of the 
Aug 25 2016 08:27
So, after each new item you want to emit a list of all items from the first item up to the one that was just emitted?
Darius Lapūnas
Aug 25 2016 08:55
scan would work
David Karnok
Aug 25 2016 09:13
RxJava 2.0.0-RC1 has been released. (It may take a few hours to show up on maven search though.)
Michael Nitschinger
Aug 25 2016 14:40
@akarnokd awesome! I’m already thinking how I can get the couchbase sdk to 2.x in the mid term without breaking too much people and providing a migration path
David Karnok
Aug 25 2016 15:51
Did you do Reactive-Streams support before (for example targeting Reactor-Core)?
Michael Nitschinger
Aug 25 2016 16:31
no we are currently exposing 1.1.x observables
David Karnok
Aug 25 2016 17:38
Do you have many custom operators on top of Operator or OnSubscribe?