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Oct 2016
Antonín Brettšnajdr
Oct 03 2016 16:12
Hello there, I was wondering, is there any good way how to create a configurable Observable? E.g. I would like to write code like this: sourceDb.getObservable(Bean.class).sql("....").params(.....).subscribe(targetDb.getSubscriber())
Yannick Lecaillez
Oct 03 2016 16:56
Hi all. I'm experiencing an issue with flatMap() (basically, receiving only the 128 first items) which might come from RxJava: I can't see where/when MergeSubscriber is requesting more data (s.request()) when t isn't a Callable.
Yannick Lecaillez
Oct 03 2016 17:04
done in parent.drain() sorry for the noise.