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Dec 2016
Dec 22 2016 14:38 UTC
Hi, in RxJava(2), is there something like Guava's Optional.fromNullable(T)- I would need this quite often to wrap null values in Maybe.empty() and all others in Maybe.just()...
Dec 22 2016 16:43 UTC
In scala you can do Observable from Option(possiblyNullValue) as Option implements Iterable. Not sure about java though.
Alex Reisberg
Dec 22 2016 23:08 UTC
This is an rxandroid question but since there's no dedicated gitter channel. I got the following proguard error:
Warning: org.jctools.maps.ConcurrentAutoTable$CAT: can't find referenced class sun.misc.Unsafe
is it safe to issue a dontwarn for it?