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Dec 2016
Dec 30 2016 01:33
        Observable.combineLatest(observable1, observable2,
            observable3, observable4, observable5,
            new Function5<>())

When one or sevral observables return code = 404,I throw exception

 return Observable.error(
                    new RxApiException(tHttpResult.getCode(), tHttpResult.getMessage()));

And I will get

FATAL EXCEPTION : RxCachedThreadScheduler-3

How to solve this problem?

Dec 30 2016 18:02
@Even201314 If one of the sources pushes an error(), that sequence ends, and it makes no longer sense to push anything from the resulting combineLatest stream. Therefore it'll just forwards the error and completes the stream (error() itself is a completion message). Im not sure why it's showing "FATAL EXCEPTION", possibly you're not handeling errors correctly in yous subscribe?