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Jan 2017
Ola Theander
Jan 02 2017 19:41
Hi guys, I'm just starting to look into the reactive concept i.e. looking at RxJava, Project Reactor, Spring Framework 5 reactive stuff etc. and I'm a bit curious of the low-level stuff. I.e. if you have a reactive web service of some kind, what happens when you have a high load with respect to incoming requests? Having only a limited number of threads, i.e. not the conventional model of one thread per request, I realize that in theory if you do not block, you can service a lot of requests using a small number of threads but how does it work in practice? I mean at any given point in time the code/CPU can only do a limited amount of concurrent processing but what happens to the requests? Do they queue up somehow until serviced? What I'm looking for is an article or a paper explaining the reactive paradigm at this low level and would be grateful for any such recommendations.