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Jan 2017
Ola Theander
Jan 08 2017 20:36
@dfeist Thanks for the reply. It's true that it's general and not tied to a specific framework and I realize that I can dig through the source of any such framework to find out how it's implemented behind the scene but I figure that there might be a paper or similar discussing the implementation principles which is more easily digested. Most presentations and documentation seems emphasize that it's different from the one-thread-per-request model but very little about how it's actually works behind the scene (or I have just been looking at the wrong places :-)).
Daniel Feist
Jan 08 2017 20:44
@olatheander did you Google "reactor pattern paper"?
Ola Theander
Jan 08 2017 23:02
@dfeist Not used "reactor" which gave a nice first hit but other variants like "reactive". Many thanks (and feeling a bit stupid :-)).