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Mar 2017
Daniel Tabuenca
Mar 07 2017 03:44
Is there anything like CombineLatest operator that deals with more than just two observables? Like I'd like to have say 10 observables and have a method called with an array of 10 items.
Mar 07 2017 08:54
@dtabuenc Think I asked a similar question on SO, but nobody's answered ...
Mar 07 2017 13:49
Здравствуйте, retrofit 2, rxJava, mvvm databinding. Получаю данные с retrofit2 в onNext как подписать или перебросить красиво в viewModel? Значений больше 10. Пример привести немогу еду в метро.
Mar 07 2017 18:26
Hello, I used retrofit 2, rxJava, mvvm DataBinding. So I get data from retrofit 2 in overated method onNext an after then I get data I wont sent this in viewModel. How did this nice?