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Apr 2017
Apr 11 2017 12:25
Hey guys. I've to write a paper about reactive programming. My professor asked me to make an example, something like an system monitor. So im quite new to this topic and the question is, If i want the get for e.g. the cpu usage for the cores of the machine, I need to make a call for this Information myself like every second. This doesnt deliver the result i want, because the calls for all the Information from the machine produce lots of load itself. Do you guys have a good idea of on small application to get a real data stream i can observe and represent in a gui? TL;DR: -> Looking for a good example to show of the features of Rx
Oleh Dokuka
Apr 11 2017 12:27
@fx42 Have you tried to use some kind of Java profilers? For example JProfiler
Apr 11 2017 12:35
i dont get the use of the profiler in my situation. Maybe it wasnt a good description from my side. I have to imlement a system monitoring tool myself using RxJava. The problem im humbling with, is that when I ask for the cpuload every second, and the request needs the Information from outside the JVM it produces quite a lot of system load itself. So like I said, Im not sure how a profiler could be of help. Maybe you can explain you intention a little further
Neil Okamoto
Apr 11 2017 13:53
polling cpu usage once per second shouldn't be producing "quite a lot of system load." I would check first if you are reading that value just once per second instead of, for instance, as fast as possible.