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Apr 2017
Erik Buttram
Apr 20 2017 15:57
I have a question about the general intent of the Flowable request - response model: a subscription is supposed to take a request of n items, but is this request bound to the life of the Subscriber? Or is the intent that the subscriber can call request(n) multiple times? Logically it seems like the former is more appropriate, but It would be nice to have some confirmation :D
Ben Christensen
Apr 20 2017 16:01
Subscriber calls request on the Subscription whenever it chooses to grant more credits. The Subscriber controls the flow in this manner.
Erik Buttram
Apr 20 2017 17:11
Thanks! I guess the reason why I thought it was more a one time call per subscriber is the use case of an unbounded request specified via Long.MAX_VALUE, but the more I think about it the more it makes sense that the subscriber could handle an unbounded request roughly the same as a request with finite elements requested.
Ben Christensen
Apr 20 2017 17:13
If you use unbounded then you only need the one request, but that effectively disables the flow control.
Haris Kljajić
Apr 20 2017 21:07

I have 16 methods that returns Observable<T>, I need them all to finish and then onComplete run a notify method.

Tried with concat, zip and combinelatest... Noticed they max at 9/10 params. What can I do instead?

David Karnok
Apr 20 2017 21:44
There exist overloads with Iterable<Observable<T>> that lets you operate on more.