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Apr 2017
Ivan Schütz
Apr 30 2017 18:50
Hi. Is there a way to wrap up a serial (mixed) request queue using RxJava while keeping it type safe?
I have an usb device and process a request queue in a background thread. E.g. I can subscribe to temperature changes and other measurements from the device that are not temperature...
so the queue has at a given point of time request 1, which has a return type A, request 2, with return type B.. request N with return type X
Ivan Schütz
Apr 30 2017 19:11
I may be thinking about this in the wrong way... the queue shouldn't interpret byte[] but pass it to the listener, the listener does the interpreting and thus is type safe. I'll add an abstraction layer for these listeners, so the final listeners receive the data with the correct type
still remains open how to use rxjava for this but I should probably get it working like I described first and then ask again with the code how to support rxjava