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May 2017
Hristo Hristov
May 04 2017 12:41
hey guys, I have some problem. I am working on android application and this is my code . The problem is that Observable.from is not waiting for my inner observable to emit result. How can I solve this?
Nelson Pestana
May 04 2017 21:36
Hey, how can I merge multiple Observables (each contains a list) into one Observable (hashmap with all lists)?
Mark Elston
May 04 2017 23:19
Vladimir Baryshnikov
May 04 2017 23:50
Is there a way to check from onComplete() if we have any items emitted?
Mark Elston
May 04 2017 23:59
@vovkab, I'm not sure what the approved solution would be but how about subscribing to the final observable twice. In one case you do the 'normal' operations you would do and in the second you use the count operator which gives you the final count on completion.