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May 2017
Nelson Pestana
May 05 2017 14:45
@melston No because I can't just merge all lists into one. I need to preserve all lists and even identify them individually. That's why I want to put each Observable list into one Map in one Observable.
Nelson Pestana
May 05 2017 17:30
@melston I have solved it with zip. My problem was in the anonymous function, where the first parameter need to be java object type and I was changing it to my required type. Just did a cast inside the function and it worked. Thanks
Todd Santaniello
May 05 2017 18:14
hey all, I can't find a reasonable explanation for this anywhere, so hopefully this isn't redundant, but can anyone explain to me why most implementations of Single.concat(source1, source2, etc.) return a Flowable instead of Observable? If I understand that correctly, then there will only ever be a handful of onNext calls, so shouldn't backpressure not be a concern?
(in RxJava2, that is)
David Karnok
May 05 2017 20:30
Unbounding a Flowable by turning it into an Observable is always possible without dataloss or buffer bloat (on the Flowable side) but the reverse is not true. In 3.x, the library-level separation forces them to return Observable and the Flowable returning versions have to live in a joint interop module.
Vladimir Baryshnikov
May 05 2017 20:59
Hi, is there any examples how can I use reactive pull for pagination?
Todd Santaniello
May 05 2017 22:03
ah, makes sense @akarnokd . that's basically what we're doing (calling .toObservable()). So, in Rx3 we'll have:
which LGTM