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Jun 2017
Yannick Lecaillez
Jun 28 2017 09:44
Hi there ! By curiosity: is there any reason why the FlowableTimeoutTimed isn't using HalfSerializer ?
Is it because AtomicThrowable might propagate CompositeException ?
David Karnok
Jun 28 2017 11:04
It is a pretty old algorithm/file (also predating half-serializer) and there are now different approaches available, such as index-based state transitions that don't need external serialization: see FlowableTimeout of Reactive4.NET.
Yannick Lecaillez
Jun 28 2017 12:02
Wow, really instructive :) Thanks !
Paul Tikhonov
Jun 28 2017 15:28
Hi there. Can I set a locale priority for.toSortedList ? For example: I have a values list with latin, cyrilic, number and special symbols. I need next sequence: cyrilic – latin – numbers – special chars. Now - special chars - numbers - latin - cyrilic
.toSortedList((lhs, rhs) -> lhs.getDisplayName().compareTo(rhs.getDisplayName()))