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Aug 2017
jay vyas
Aug 02 2017 17:13
Whats the simplest way to add backpressure into a .connect() call ? Right now, I simply do a 'Thread.sleep()' if the last connect action took more then X MS. I'd like to do this based on rate, i.e. "if the rate of actions drops below X/sec, sleep". Because some actions are CPU hungry, if an action takes too long to run, it likely means it was using a large amount of CPU for a large amount of time.
David Karnok
Aug 02 2017 17:56
@jayunit100 connect is associated with making a cold sequence hot and disconnection happens when the source completes or gets unsubscribed. How does your flow look like?
Stephen Berger
Aug 02 2017 19:27
@s-durovich Use a load bar or timer that may help u get your mind around it
It's called multithreading