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Oct 2017
Oct 16 2017 04:59
I would like some advice on how could I approach this. I am trying to wrap HystrixCommand Observable into a pagination observable. So each Hystrix Command will respond with the response and about whether there is a next page. Currently the way I did it is like HystrixCommand.toObservable.concatMap{ // read the page information and if there is further page then return new HystrixCommand Observable}. This is done recursively. The main problem with this if there are lot of pages then the memory will get filled up as there would be lot of observables to be executed and in reality the user might not need all of them at the same time. Is there a way to do this lazily like when a subscriber consumes then concatMap maybe +2 observables ? I know there is an api doOnNext but that does not allow modifying the Observable