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Nov 2017
Nov 20 2017 14:23

I have problem with RxJavaPlugins.onScheduleHandler.
At the moment of changing thread pool is invoked

public Disposable scheduleDirect(@NonNull Runnable run, long delay, @NonNull TimeUnit unit) {
        final Worker w = createWorker();
        final Runnable decoratedRun = RxJavaPlugins.onSchedule(run);
        DisposeTask task = new DisposeTask(decoratedRun, w);
        w.schedule(task, delay, unit);
        return task;

my Runnable is wrapped into DisposeTask so I can't check type of action inside scheduleHandler because DisposeTask is package scope.
Do you have any idea how to solve this problem without reflection? :)

David Karnok
Nov 20 2017 20:00
Unfortunately you can't; it requires exposing the type or at least some API to unwrap the internal wrappers. I don't have much time this week to work the details out though.