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Dec 2017
David Karnok
Dec 04 2017 13:11
@schrepfler I have a couple of observations:
  • it's in Scala and I don't see how Java or Android would benefit
  • Positions itself relative to Threads, which is a pretty common thing for async solutions lately, completely ignoring the fact that threadpools were invented to help solving the task count vs. thread count problem
  • One value - which maximizes overhead - instead of streaming values
  • Not deferred, can't retry an IO[T] unless you recreate the entire flow?
  • Pretty similar to ReactiveX' fluent API style
  • Fibers - suspension and resumption is the common case - unlike permit-based streaming such as Reactive Streams
David Karnok
Dec 04 2017 13:32
  • The "racer" bugs he describes in other libraries is not true for RxJava: amb() will cancel the non-winners immediately.
  • My experience is that when you measure your solution 100x faster, your test might be wrong.