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Dec 2017
David Karnok
Dec 28 2017 01:00
Please read the linked issue.
Dec 28 2017 06:24
Thomas May
Dec 28 2017 16:37

@akarnokd I guess I was misreading it.

This paragraph I think is the one you are refering to

In the fresh state, consumers can pile up and be ready to receive events. An atomic state change to running will begin streaming events until a terminal event is reached. Consumers subscribing in this state will always receive the terminal event, and in case of replay, the cached items as well.

And I'm guessing the "this state" in the final sentence is referring to the terminal state and not the running state, correct?

David Karnok
Dec 28 2017 17:57
Yes. I've updated the sentence to clear up this ambiguity.