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Jan 2018
I am not sure that your Flowable code works as you expect, I'd use something like zip for it too
Oleh Dokuka
Jan 01 2018 21:31
@mox601 In case if you need to run all Single in parallel and wait until all have been completed you should use following API
<T> Completable whenAll(List<Single<T>> singles) {
    return Single.merge(singles).ignoreElements();
In above example, results of singles execution will be totally ignored and io.reactivex.Completable will notify you about completaion over onError or onComplete. If you are required to return exectly Single type, you may replace ignoreElements with last
<T> Single<T> whenAll(List<Single<T>> singles, T fallback) {
    return Single.merge(singles).last(fallback);
In case if your requirements sounds like I would like to execute all my Singles one by one in order in which they were passed you should refer to next example
<T> Flowable whenAll(List<Single<T>> singles) {
    return Single.concat(singles);