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Jan 2018
Gordeev Boris
Jan 11 2018 18:03
Greetings! So I wanted to try out Java 9 MrJars. Since in it says "we want to use the multi-release jar file support" I have decided to practice MrJars by attempting to migrate RxJava. I have succeeded in making a gradle script that produces seemingly valid MrJar with some limitations. It seems to be that there's no way to use this MrJar yet with gradle, which means that this is probably not a production ready solution. I have decided not to submit a PR yet, but I would be glad if someone takes a look at changes in my repo.
Is it going to work if I just provide a link?
So there are old build scripts (jar, sourcesJar, javadocJar) and new ones are mrJar, sourcesMrJar and javadocMrJar. I have tested them out and everything seems to be in order.
If I just include it into my classpath with gradle using flatDir, I can't seem to use the Java 9 part.
Thanks in advance!
David Karnok
Jan 11 2018 19:12
@gordeevbr Hi. Please don't submit a PR for multi-release jar. There is currently no value in having twice the JAR size and the duplication of the source files. In addition, you can't add new public API (such as Java 9+ features) via mr jars anyway and I'm not sure the build and release infrastructure could even handle mr jars properly.
Gordeev Boris
Jan 11 2018 20:07
Yeah, that's why I didn't submit a PR.
I have made it so that there's no duplication of source files, the new API "extends" the old one, even though it does so in a not obvious manner.
It seems to me that Gradle can handle creating an MrJar, but I think there's no way to use these Jars yet. That's why I gave up on it right now.
Gordeev Boris
Jan 11 2018 20:13
That's why I asked if someone could give it a look.
Gordeev Boris
Jan 11 2018 20:21
Oh wait, I'm totally wrong.
Yeah, that won't work it seems.
I have read through this again.
Sorry for wasting your time.