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Aug 2018
Moritz Bust
Aug 23 2018 13:05
How does ReactiveX compile to so many different languages? Is a transpiler used to achieve this, or is every code-base managed separately?
Igor Bozin
Aug 23 2018 13:29
I am trying to get a grasp of RxJava. How would i chain following situation in calls with RxJava: i retrieve a Single<User> from my database, loading a user by id for example, this should happen async. After loading the user object, i put some of his specific data in an arraylist. After that finished I want to listen on this array for changes, so that when an element gets added or removed I write to the database async to update the user. I have following code so far, also implemented the piece you have suggested
David Karnok
Aug 23 2018 14:15
@Busti RxJava compiles to a JVM bytecode and any JVM language should be able to interact with it. The language adapters such as RxScala, RxKotlin, etc. are usually thin wrappers around RxJava so technically you still run Java bytecode beneath.
@igorbzin_gitlab You mean something like this?
Moritz Bust
Aug 23 2018 18:39
@akarnokd Thank you for your answer. I was just wondering if non-related languages in the ReactiveX project somehow shared a common codebase since there are so many different languages supported. Something like haxe comes to mind, but I do realize that that would be a bad idea.