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Sep 2018
Sep 25 2018 07:00
Hi all
How do you handle warnings of return values of subscirbe() with trello/RxLifecycle? subscirbe() has @CheckReturnValue annotation. Although I handle Disposable by compose(bindToLifecycle()) I must care about return values or suppress each warnings. How can I avoid this?
Should I use uber/AutoDispose instead of RxLifecycle?
Ignacio Baca Moreno-Torres
Sep 25 2018 15:35
I don't use android, but in gwt I use this and I pass the whole Observable instead of subscribing it
This also has the advantage of been able to decide whet it gets subscribes and to reconnect if something goes wrong
This idea can be trivially applied over RxLifecycle, so the warning will disappear (and other advantages which are even more important), but note that if you do this, then you really should only add binding in your activity constructor to avoid to add duplicate bindings