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Nov 2018
Martin Ottersland
Nov 02 2018 08:14
Hey this has probable been asked before but I'm trying to understand the delay operator in rxJava. Does calling this with the same scheduler that im running another observable on block this from executing during the delay?
David Karnok
Nov 02 2018 09:49
RxJava uses non-blocking delays, but the work after such delays may prevent other tasks on the same scheduler for running (i.e., Schedulers.single()).
Nov 02 2018 11:02
Hello guys
Im developing an reactive-app with spring webflux and using redis as database. I want continuously querying all data in my collection just like MongoDb with @Tailable annotation. Is there a way to do it in redis too?
Oguzhan Fehmi Kunter
Nov 02 2018 11:11
Hi currently I am developing reactive webflux application with possible to use spring reactive redis sub / pub events ?