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    Hello, I have been looking at redis gears today and it seems very interesting. 1st question) I'm wondering how to view which gears scripts are running or registered within a redis instance . How would you manage these gears scripts , for instance enabling them or disabling them? 2nd question) is there a repository of useful redis gears "recipes" that a beginner could use as examples ?
    Meir Shpilraien (Spielrein)

    Hey @leonh, regarding your first question, if you are using v0.4.0, it is possible to see registered executions using 'RG.DUMPREGISTRATIONS' command (https://oss.redislabs.com/redisgears/commands.html#rgdumpregistrations) then you can unregistered a specific registration using 'RG.UNREGISTER' (https://oss.redislabs.com/redisgears/commands.html#rgunregister). Notice that each time a registration is triggered it creates an execution, those executions can be managed using 'RG.DUMPEXECUTIONS', 'RG.GETEXECUTION' and 'RG.DROPEXECUTION'.

    Regarding examples, there is a very small and simple examples here: https://oss.redislabs.com/redisgears/examples.html.
    For more complex examples, take a look at those links:

    thanks! @MeirShpilraien