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By the way, i'm trying to use the communications with the APNs server.
Selçuk Ermaya
Jonathan Dick
woo figured out why mono debugging in vscode wasn’t hitting breakpoints set in the editor...
Hi John. Now that ALPN is available in .net core 2.0 do you think we can progress this further. I am more than happy to put in my efforts alongside you and everyone else. I really hope we build the new version with support for proxy
Hi All - trying to get the tests running but they fail as there is no settings.json file and the project references a ghost file. Anyone got a sample I can use? Trying to work out how to integrate this library into an existing dotnet project to send notifications to ipads. thnx
btw i've got the sample, just not sure what should go in it ;-)
Hi All, I m trying to push over 500 K notification, but it takes over 10 minutes in v4.0 while with v2.0 it takes 2-3 minutes over all.
I tried to change scale up to 50 or keep it 10 and increase the thread - task count but could not decrease the time elapsed.
Application is run on 8 Gb, 2.3 Ghz server.
Do you have any suggestions ?
Thank you!
@Redth Got a working codebase now :-) - one more question (if anyone is listening?), how do I actually test this is sending out? The logs say notification sent, however the app dev says nothing is being received - is there a way I can test this locally to ensure it's working?
Bono Pomodoro
Hey guys, does anyone have an example of usage of PushSharp for Xamarin Forms? For all three platforms :)
Can someone give me an idea on how to resend failed notifications that are caught by the exception events. For example when either of these exceptions are caught - GcmNotificationException/GcmMulticastResultException/RetryAfterException. Do I need to restart the broker in order to resend them or is it handled automatically.
I'm using 4.0
Adam J. Mendoza
@Redth I've been away for a while. I'll take a look at the repo now
@SimonAntony Are you still working on this? Are you testing APNS or Google?
Adam J. Mendoza
@SimonAntony for APSN I'd test the actual key apart from PushSharp to make sure all is good with the APNS and key. If that works then you should be able to receive notifications on a device
Thanks @adammendoza - all working now and live
Federico Di Gregorio
Hi. Does PushSharp work with netcoreapp2.0 console applications?
Adam J. Mendoza
@SimonAntony Did you migrate the code to dotnet core? If so is it on github?
@SimonAntony did you have to make any changes to the codebase to get it to work with APSN?
@adammendoza no just used what was in the repo
@sktyjd Nope, found a couple of examples on the net so used as a basis
Paul Arizpe
Hi, how can use .p8 certificate with PushSharp ?? anyone have a Example :D
Adam J. Mendoza
@SimonAntony Cool! does that mean that it works with dotnet core as is?
Hey guys, I just ran across this library. I just cloned it, how can i send a test message to a dev device. I know its a silly question, im just not sure how to start building into this
Hi guys. I'm having a problem validating my certificate to APNS with this nuget. My certificate works when using PHP and when using Sockets. Couldn't find anything on the web
Alex P
Hi there! Are the project alive?
last commit at 1 Dec 2016
Unfortunately Redth/PushSharp#702 http/2 not supported yet =(
Joshua Russo
@SanSYS The project is still alive I believe. The primary maintainer (Redth) is just not working on a project where he needs push notifications, so his attention is pulled else where
hello, i want to build an app that is get push notification question, how do i start?
Hi All. Seems like APNS does not support tls1.2, is that true?
I tried to install PushSharp 4.0.10 Nuget package in Visual Studio 2017, it shows error: Package restore failed. Rolling back package changes for 'Project1'. How to resolve this issue? 0
To begin building a push notification app, try a tutorial like:
Ray Wenderlench
Ajay Kumar
I have installed PushSharp 4.0.10 Nuget package in Visual Studio 2017 and I have only enable TLS 1.2 (Means A+ rating on server) then i don't get apns notification on server and when i have enable TLS 1.0 with TLS 1.2 then notification is working. please help me how can I get apns notification when only TLS 1.2 enable.
I downloaded this library. What do you need to actually send a push notification to a phone? Do I need a service? Where do I get "GCM-SENDER-ID" and "AUTH-TOKEN"? Just not really sure how to use it.
Try the early tutorials: https://redth.codes/pushsharp-3-0-the-push-awakens/ on google things changed a bit with fire base but you have options of users subscribing to a feed like a basket ball score or personal notifications.
Are your certs correct?
guys, new to here. i want to ask one compatibility issue which i met on Mac OS 10.13
for 10.12 systems, the system notification can be displayed.
but for 10.13 systems, the system notification cannot be displayed.
i have checked the system preference setting in the OS.
but still cannot work.
btw, we can see the badge number is trigerred by APNs on 10.13.
i have also installed an app "Slack" on the 10.13. and checked the notification center works fine .
so i think maybe there maybe some compatibility issue for pushsharp??
please update... ServiceBroker.Stop() function timeout version
public void Stop( int millisecondsTimeout, bool immediately = false )
if( !running )
throw new OperationCanceledException( "ServiceBroker has already been signaled to Stop" );
        running = false;


        lock( lockWorkers )
            // Kill all workers right away
            if( immediately )
                workers.ForEach( sw => sw.Cancel() );

            var all = ( from sw in workers
                        select sw.WorkerTask ).ToArray();

            Log.Info( "Stopping: Waiting on Tasks" );

            Task.WaitAll( all, millisecondsTimeout );

            Log.Info( "Stopping: Done Waiting on Tasks" );

Hi guys, nice to join this chat room. I would like to ask you to all of you if someone has been succeded implementing iOS Push Notifications on a C# Server pointing to the Apple's new http/2 APNS API. I've been doing research about some libraries or code snippets and I haven't found anything straighforward or easy to use. I'm a Developer focused on Java but the server which sends the Notifications to iOS is made in .NET ; Does somebody succeeded doing this? Thank you! Regards!