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Jun 2015
Jun 12 2015 06:39
:point_up: June 12 2015 12:54 AM Perhaps the notifications could be as a standard be set to 'no'?
Rudolf Meijer
Jun 12 2015 06:50
:point_up: June 11 2015 8:20 AMThis issue was reported under #1213 and has been corrected.
Jun 12 2015 07:14

:point_up: June 12 2015 4:50 PM By red/red#1213 being “corrected”, do you mean that the compiler now errors too?

*** Syntax Error: Invalid word! value
*** line: 3
*** at: "1..2^M^/"

The latest build's interpreter still gives:

*** Syntax error: invalid value at 1..2

I wasn't complaining about the result, but was just using it to clarify that tuple!s don't have “blank” parts, but 0s.

Rudolf Meijer
Jun 12 2015 12:15
:point_up: June 12 2015 9:14 AM The correction was meant to ensure that empty tuple elements would be allowed both in the compiler and the interpreter. If you find a different behaviour, that is a regression and should be reported as a new issue.
Andreas Bolka
Jun 12 2015 15:38
This message was deleted
:point_up: June 12 2015 2:15 PM The actually implemented correction ensured that empty tuple elements are allowed in neither compiler nor interpreter.