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    Aditya Kadam

    Hello everyone I am Aditya Kadam a 3rd Year CS Undergrad at IIIT Hyderabad, India
    I am currently working as a Student Researcher at Precog Lab.
    My work mostly revolves around Hatespeech Detection and Explainable Fake News detection on Online Social Media which has led to me choosing ‘Tutorials for working with Interpretable and Explainable AI with LIT’ as it aligns with my interests and have some prior experience about.

    Planning on writing a proposal for the same soon.

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    Hi. my name is Cholmin Kang. I recently received MS in Culture Technology from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and BS in Computer Science and Engineering from Sung Kyun Kwan University (SKKU).
    I am interested in "Benchmark detectives: Data & Model Cards” project.

    Do I have to include starter tasks in proposals? (e.g., make model cards / dataset cards and include?)

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    Hi i am first year CS undergrad from sastra university India . I am looking forward to understand about the project and do some contributions .
    Nadia Vermaes
    Hi everyone! I'm Nadia, LL.B International and European Law graduate with focus on IT law and soon candidate MSc Philosophy of Science, Technology & Society at Twente University with a track in Ethics and Technology (at TU Delft, TU Eindhoven and Wageningen University). I plunged in the world of AI last year through an AI & ML bootcamp and I'm currently preparing for the TensorFlow Developer certification exam. I would like to contribute to the Data Cards Playbook - Transparency patterns from a technical and societal perspective. Looking forward to discuss my ideas with the RAI community!
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    Bhaktipriya Shridhar
    Hello All! We are so excited to see all the excitement and your interest in building Responsible AI with us! :)
    I encourage you to send your proposals to @teshgoogle for Benchmarking LIT and KYD. There are no starter tasks for this project. We will be accepting interns solely based on the proposals. @talkshrey @anshshankar @atulyakr @Captain_HK57_twitter @anwersayeed @chidam333 @nrrvrs
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    Bhaktipriya Shridhar
    Please reach out to Tesh and me with a draft of your proposals. Emails and instructions on how to write the proposal in the doc. Please include examples of your past knowledge with Data Visualisation libraries or your experience with Data Science projects.
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    Hi everyone! It's great to see all the interest in our projects. A small administrative ask: when sharing your proposals, would you please do two things:

    (1) include your first/last name (or first initial+last name) in the file name, something like "(Jenny Hamer) GSoC Fair Data Reweighting Proposal"
    (2) include your GitHub username/handle in the proposal doc, especially if you submitted starter tasks.

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    Marina Lima
    Hello everyone! My name is Marina and I am a 4th year undergrad student at University of Campinas -Brazil, currently doing a double degree program at Institut Polytechnique de Paris - specializing in Data Science and Image processing. Last year I did a Research Project on Fairness and I look forward to have the opportunity to work with this subject (that I am really interested in) again!
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    Andrew Zaldivar

    Greetings, all! Apologies for my extended silence. But I'm here today to let those that have expressed interest in the "Benchmark Detectives: Data & Model Cards" project know that we have created a README with a suggested format for your proposal. You can find the README at: https://github.com/PAIR-code/datacardsplaybook/tree/main/benchmarkdetectives

    In addition, we won't be creating any additional starter tasks. Some of you expressed interest in other aspects of this project, such as the Playbook. But after deliberating, we felt that it's crucial to make a Data and/or Model Card first in order to develop the foundational knowledge needed for working on other aspects of this project. But what you could do instead is: in your proposal, after having completed the starter task, you could speak on your aspirations of working on other aspects of the project.

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    Somasree Majumder
    @bhaktipriya @andrewzaldivar @RyanMullins @teshgoogle I want some guidance for writing the "timeline of work" in proposal.I will be working on the "tutorials of for lit" so in "timeline" should I mention the name of the topic just on which I want to work?What's the best way to go about it??
    Ayush gadre

    Hello! I am Ayush Gadre. Sophomore at Institute of Engineering and Technology DAVV Indore. I want to learn about open source and want to contribute in your organization.

    1. Education : - B.Tech
    2. Experience :- Web development Internship from LetsGrowMore
    3. Skills :- C, C++ , python ,PHP , HTML, CSS, JS and React JS
      I would love to join your open source community and learn from your mentors. I'm looking forward to being accepted to your group to learn more about the projects. So, I hereby request you to please add me in your organization. I am waiting for your good reply.
      Github :- https://github.com/Ayushgadre
      Linkedin :- https://www.linkedin.com/in/ayushgadre/

    Thank you for your consideration.
    Ayush Gadre

    Muhammad King Yakub
    Hello! My name is Muhammad King Yakub
    I am interested in the model-remediation (Active Sampling for Min-Max Fairness) project.
    Hi everyone,
    I am Anjishnu. I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science last year and have previously participated in the 2020 edition of Google Summer of Code with the mlpack organization. I will be starting as a PhD student this Fall, where my focus of research would be fairness, interpretability and explainability for language models. I am interested in participating for the project on LIT Tutorials. I have submitted a draft proposal for this project on the Summer of Code portal today.
    @RyanMullins : I have sent you the draft via email as well, as mentioned on the Github thread for the starter task. If possible, let me know any feedback or comments.
    Muhammad King Yakub
    @pranjal-awasthi how can we reach out to you regarding writing a proposal
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    Galo Castillo
    Hello @pranjal-awasthi @jennyhamer, I just sent you an email with my updated proposal for the Active Sampling for ML Fairness project, considering the suggestions provided by Jenny. Please let me know what other changes I could add to the proposal, I would appreciate any additional feedback. Thanks!

    Hello all: thank you for your efforts on submitting starter tasks and working on your proposals.

    For those of you interested in the Active Sampling for ML Fairness and Fair Data Reweighting projects, I have the following advice (also generally applicable):

    • read the project descriptions in the project ideas doc:
    • look over the starter tasks (if you haven't attempted them, please do!)
    • for projects involving demos/tutorials/docs/open-source Colabs: check out the work that's already been open-sourced within TensorFlow (e.g. https://www.tensorflow.org/responsible_ai/model_remediation)
      • this may offer useful context for types of contributions you could produce.
    • outline a clear plan of action, and remember that timelines may naturally fluctuate (some things will go more quickly or slowly than you expect)
    • peer-review: ask a friend, schoolmate, or colleague to look over your proposal! You could even swap proposals to review with somebody interested in a different project here.
    • trust your intuition!
    In case you haven't taken a look at these already, please utilize these official resources:
    Meghana Yerramsetti
    Hi All
    4 replies
    This is Meghana
    I am currently pursuing my BTECH Prefinal year in VJIT College Hyderabad with the specialization in AI
    I wanted to contribute to Responsible AI and Human Centred technology through GSOC
    Can anyone help me in this
    Rachel Kim

    Hi everyone!

    I'm Rachel, and I am currently a second-year undergraduate student at the University of Toronto studying Computer Science and Math. I'm interested in the "Benchmark LIT for fairness and equity" project. Although I have some experience with data visualization and machine learning, I'm still fairly new to the topic, so for my proposal, I'm currently working on familiarizing myself with LIT and the work that RAI-HCT does, as well as coming up with some ideas for metrics / datasets that could help benchmark LIT. I was wondering if there were already some guidelines for good metrics / datasets that could potentially be used, or if this was still an open-ended question that we should do some research on and try to answer (at least partially) in our proposals.

    Thank you so much for your time, and I look forward to hopefully working on this project over the summer. :))

    3 replies
    Bhaktipriya Shridhar
    All: Please reach out to me if you need any help with proposal or starter task submissions
    6 replies
    Vishesh Soni
    @bhaktipriya, I have sent a proposal for the project Fair Data Reweighting via mail. Kindly give me feedback.
    Simeet Nayan
    Dear Sir/Mam,I have been researching and writing the proposal for Benchmark KYD for the last few days. After a lot of research I finalised the proposal, I saw that the project has been removed from the ideas list. Can you please guide me what exactly I need to do now? I did not expect such unprofessional behaviour from one of the children organisation of Google. @bhaktipriya @teshgoogle @pranjal-awasthi
    1 reply
    Can you please give me some clarification whether I should still work on it or not?
    @bhaktipriya i posted few questions regarding proposal submission in you're DM i request you to kindly explain those.
    Thank you very much.
    Hello everyone !
    I'm Mustafa , and I'm currently working on my bachelor on detecting and mitigating bias in AI, so naturally I was interested in the Fair Data Reweighting project but I came across this a bit late since the deadline for submissions is 2 days from now. So, can I still work on the starter tasks provided or should I just submit my proposal?
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    Dhivya S
    I'm creating a datacard for a dataset. Is it necessary to add all the details present in the datacard template? For Eg: My dataset is a traffic sign detection dataset and it contains images of different traffic signs to recognize them. It does not have any sensitive human data. so should I remove those fields or should I add NA under them? @mpushkarna @andrewzaldivar
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    Hello @bhaktipriya @jennyhamer i have mailed you my proposal draft for project Title "Fair data reweighting" i request you to kindly review it and provide comments
    thank you very much
    3 replies
    Hey @bhaktipriya @jennyhamer, I have sent you my updated proposal by email. Please have a look and let me know if any changes are required.
    Thanks a lot!
    5 replies
    Abdelrahman Rezk
    Hello All, I would like to lastly introduce myself after submitting the proposal.
    I am Abdelrahman, fresh graduated student.
    I have passed through different stages helped me keeping going on the learning about the new age we live in, from the different sub fields of AI. And by the last year of the university I have got two internship one of them was international with Qatar Computing Research Center, and it helped me to apply the different skills from this journey of computer science study, web development work, problem solving skills, ML, DL and NLP studies, and also helped me for my graduation project,which I got excellent degree in beside of overall GPA 3.32 and Div 1 from Open University United Kingdom, as well as working as Teaching Assistant at the Arab Open University for different courses, and the research paper that I have published with others from Limerick University, and other research I work on till these days.
    Dhivya S
    Hey @bhaktipriya @andrewzaldivar @mpushkarna , I have mailed you my GSOC proposal for Benchmark detectives: Data & Model Cards. Please have a look and let me know if any changes are required.
    Thanks a lot!
    Taylor Lee

    Hi! I'm Taylor, an undergraduate studying computer science and psychology. Broadly, I care about positively shaping and developing our human interactions with technology in a mindful, more accessible way through pedagogy. Because of that, I am interested in the Data Cards Playbook project to bring people together to understand AI literacy, transparency, and ethics. While I have some experience in front end and research, I would like to further learn the AI field and ways to help contribute/shape the space!

    I submitted my proposal (some of it is left a bit open-ended) Always open to feedback! Thank you for your consideration and for taking the time to look through our proposal(s)!

    Bhaktipriya Shridhar
    Thanks a lot for working on the proposals and sending us your patches! We are reviewing them.
    Bhaktipriya Shridhar
    We would love to hear from your experience of building responsible AI with us! If you submitted a proposal or worked towards a starter task or found our projects interesting, please take this survey. https://forms.gle/ZCY7BGvVSCtGKRgS6
    4 replies
    We are using this to track all your contributions to RAI. So, don't forget to take the survey! :)
    If you are someone who didn't end up contributing to the toolkit, you can take the survey too! Let us know if you found the projects interesting.
    Bhaktipriya Shridhar
    We want to recognise the efforts of participants who have been in our GSOC community. So be sure to take the survey! :)
    Aryan Chaurasia
    Thanks just filled it now!
    Abdelrahman Rezk
    Hello all, hope you are doing well, I am trying to use LIT with Arabic dataset, that not as a tensor data, is there is a good way to follow doing that ?
    Sanket Kumar Choudhary
    @bhaktipriya Wanted to ask if we could contribute for the technical writing/ documentation and making demo colabs under mentorship other than the GSoC programme as well. I would especially like to work on any projects not selected/ not having any contributor proposals.
    If yes, what would be the way to contact mentors for the same?
    Hello everyone, Siddhartha here. I wanted to do some open source work and got interested in your domain. I am good at python and basic libraries such as numpy and pandas, can someone please guide me in which direction I should go to collaborate in
    Dev Karan Joshi
    I want to work in this domain please guide me how to.
    Hello everyone,
    I would like to congratulate @iamshnoo , @aryan1107 , @CLSchmitz , @mehrotras_twitter , and @taylorylee for getting selected this year 💐
    best wishes for your projects
    Thank you.
    Hey @kishoreKunisetty, I want to contribute where should I start?