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    Hello I am having issues with restcomm mobile clients and dialogic xms. Dialogic pointed out that the client that is using incorrect credentials during the stun binding
    Anyone know if it has to do with libwebrtc being out of date ?
    @nssyyz_twitter scroll down to 2.3. Diameter Stack Configuration to get moving to the next steps of configuring the JDiameter stack.
    i am trying to install restcomm smscgateway and after execute the command mvn clean install i got the error Failed to execute goal on project mproc-api: Could not resolve dependencies for project org.mobicents.smsc:mproc-api:jar:7.4.0-SNAPSHOT: Could not find artifact org.restcomm.smpp:smpp-extensions:jar:7.1.0-154 in mobicents-public-repository-group (https://oss.sonatype.org/content/groups/public)
    any suggestions?
    Mr. KFC
    But my good people what's the point to be here if no one can help ??? it's like am talking to myself.....
    Hey everyone, I am working on cleaning up the ant build.xml and I am trying to figure out the different dependency versions. Any have an overview of why certain deps call for older versions? (jain-slee for example in the lastest smscgateway tag calls for 2.9, but there is 2.10.X and 7.2.X)
    sorry, I should clarify, the ant build.xml for smscgateway
    Ideally, I want to remove all of the targets that callout with wget to retrieve binaries and just clone the git repos and build the specified tags
    Good morning! if anyone is around, I'd love a chat about building smscgateway
    Well, no responses, but I'll keep this channel updated as I figure things out.
    I'll push my changes upstream to my github fork so others can more easily build the smscgateway
    Hello @nperez-messagebird
    Hey @telecomsxchange !
    Good morning, please let us know which topic you’d like to discuss in regards to building an smsc gateway using Restcomm
    Oh well, I am just mostly working on cleaning up the build.xml for https://github.com/RestComm/smscgateway
    because it is very broken right now
    I want to make sure my org can duplicate the gateway and have a solid platform for further development
    The latest tag wants some older deps and I wanted to know which versions of which deps are important
    Right now I am making it build with the specific versions in the build.xml, but I also want to know what, if any, differences there are between the various versions in the deps
    Hey everyone. I've made significant progress, but I've hit a bit of a snag. Is there a list of version/buildnumbers that should be used between dependencies and also smscgateway? For example, the latest 8.0.0-x tags of jss7 seem broken(RestComm/jss7#303). smpp-extensions 7.1.0-165 reference an older 7.4.0 tag.
    I say broken, but I can imagine that the oam module and the UI were moved or planned on being moved to somewhere else
    The overall goal is to have the release/build.xml for smscgateway pull all of its dependencies via git, build, and install them (not unlike what jss7, smpp-extensions, and jdiameter do)
    Jasper Siepkes
    I'm kinda confused. I recently found our about Restcomm and it looks really interesting! But what is the status of it? Is it still being developed? Is it in maintenance mode? Hibernation?
    and seeing this messages about things not building makes me even more confused :smile:
    Yes, it is still being developed. It isn't that it doesn't build, it is just the release/build process seems to have been neglected in favor of telestax wishing to provide binaries
    I have it building just fine with maven, but it that doesn't bundle up all of the needed bits to run it on wildfly. The build.xml files are supposed to do that, but have bitrot
    And I am close to having it fixed, but I keep looking for guidance on version numbers for all of the various dependencies\
    Jasper Siepkes
    ah okay, thanks for the insight!
    hi, can you support me in installing ussdgateway, the folder structure is differ than the descried in the document, where i can't find jboss folder
    Any tell me how to deploy USSDGW. what all component require to simulate the same
    hello just quick silly one - how do i install any binary of jSS7 and smsc ?
    anyone using docker for installation rest-comm sip servlets
    Siavash Ahmadpour
    Hi guys, does anyone have any advice on how to implement MNP in Restcomm SMS gateway properly?
    Nazmul Hasan
    @nperez-messagebird Still smscgateway build is failing. Do you have any latest insights?
    Pasquale Cusati
    hello? Can you help me?
    @ex7r3me PAiC Extended Products support MNP on either mProc rules based or database content base.
    Please share more details if available and let me know when is a good date / time for you to schedule a call to discuss further.
    michael ki
    Are there any restcomm consultants I can pay $50-100hr to help with install and configuration?
    @michaelsiai_gitlab We offer such professional services along with a big portfolio of our open source Extended Products. Please send us an email at sales@paicbd.com
    michael ki
    Hello everyone, I am setting up Restcomm-Connect following instructions on this repo https://github.com/RestComm/Restcomm-Connect/blob/master/restcomm/restcomm.docs/sources-asciidoc/src/main/asciidoc/configuration/Starting%20Restcomm-Connect.adoc#start-restcomm-connect. I am to download the binaries from wget https://mobicents.ci.cloudbees.com/job/RestComm/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/Mobicents-Restcomm-JBoss-AS7-
    This no longer works and I think the binaries are moved. Could someone please assist me with an updated link of the binaries?
    @elvnneinlari We offer professional services along with a big portfolio of our open source Extended Products. Please send us an email at sales@paicbd.com we can help you with the installation
    Faraz Faraji
    Hello guys. i have problem for delivery on SMPP, it come earlier than operators, can anybody help me? thanks. my email is : faraz.faraji@sigmatelecom.com
    Evan Balster
    I'm attempting to research some method for making a C++ signal processing application accessible by a phone number. Ideally the server would spawn a process for each phone call, providing it with an audio stream with minimum latency.
    It's difficult to find documentation on how to do something so low-level, with most contemporary applications relying on layers and layers of application architecture and middleware for voice/dialtone analysis.
    any installation document for install RestComm smscgateway into Ubuntu
    Hi i am working on setup restcomm ussd gateway for demo and simulation . can anyone help me to get full binary zip file because i dont find it on github
    Is this live channel? I am interested about monitoring calls on sip load balancer. Us there any way I can get some metrics like calls dropped etc?
    I am interested also in rfc6076 metrics