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All Rooms

10 Rooms 112 People
  • EtherCIS

    for discussions related to the EtherCIS Data Repository framework. See more at http://ethercis.org/ and https://github.com/ethercis
    48 People
  • General

    Welcome to this room if you want a chat about the work of the Ripple Foundation. http://ripple.foundation
    21 People
  • PulseTile

    for discussions related to the PulseTile UX/UI framework for Healthcare . See more at http://www.pulsetile.com/ and https://github.com/pulsetile
    17 People
  • Qewd-Ripple

    for discussions related to the Ripple-Qewd integration framework for Healthcare . See more at https://github.com/RippleOSI/Ripple-Qewd . Based on the leading http://qewdjs.com/ framework
    9 People
  • Open-Source-TeleHealth

    6 People
  • EtherCIS-MkII

    for discussions on the future path of EtherCIS
    4 People
  • OS-TeleHealth-Dev2

    4 People
  • PulseTile-on-Qewd

    1 People
  • Qewd-Courier

    for discussions about the QEWDjs (NodeJS) based Integration framework https://github.com/qewd-courier
    1 People
  • etherCIS-test

    1 People