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    Tony Shannon
    Welcome to this room re our open source telehealth work
    Tony Shannon

    Open Source TeleHealth effort

    Dear Colleague

    We write in reply to an email enquiry you have made to the Ripple Foundation in recent months, in relation to our earlier work on Open Source TeleHealth/TeleMedicine (inc WebRTC) work

    Sorry for the late update/reply, we have little/no funding coming into this foundation lately so have had to do other work lately.
    For your information we have recently refactored our stack to allow for a simpler solution to allow for the basic clinic & telehealth capability that we got several enquiries about.
    We have funded this ourselves and are releasing it as open source software on our Github repositories.
    https://github.com/RippleOSI/PT-WC-on-Qewd-v1/tree/PTcollab (NB Raw codebase - still undergoing active development)

    The core features of this simplified version include
    -Simple logins - username and password (for patient, staff and admin users)
    (Full Authentication (via OAuth2/OIDC) could be added of course, but would need more work)
    -Patient Lists, Demographics etc
    -Contacts List
    -Problem List
    -Medication List
    -Allergy List
    -Vaccination List
    -Vital Signs
    -Events - ie basic calendar
    -Conference - Video/Voice/Chat session- hooked into https://meet.jit.si/ (Self Hosting is an option)

    We assume that each of you ( there are 24 of you who have contacted us from all over the world) have little/no funding to progress/support this work, but we thought we should contact you to make you aware of our recent work, in case any of you wanted to collaborate/work together to have an open source telehealth solution that may be useful to you all.

    Our most recent work is still pretty raw/unpolished but its Javascript from end to end and so is aimed at being easy enough for others to get involved/find local developers to help out.
    We are not in a position to support a hosted solution ourselves ( that is not our core work) but again this is something some/other of you may be interested in considering.

    Anyway for now we just wanted to share a recent screenshot and invite you to join a related discussion about this work and how you may be able to take advantage of it.

    If you are interested in further discussion/collaboration on this, we invite you to join this discussion room on Gitter. You will need a Twitter/Github/GitLab account to signin and discuss , but it is open to anyone to take a look at the conversation/discussion there.
    This discussion channel will also allow for related developments (eg Video Screencast to be reported on shortly).

    Although our core team has had to take on other work, we are hoping that by connecting those of you with an interest in Open Source Telehealth may wish to /be able to connect and make progress on this together.

    Thank you & Kind regards

    Dr Tony Shannon
    Director, Ripple Foundation
    August 2020

    Tony Shannon
    Please introduce yourself here and your interest in this work
    Tony Shannon
    FYI VideoScreen cast of latest OS TeleHealth Video is now available on Youtube, as part of the Ripple Foundation playlist
    Tony Shannon
    Please note the updated URL for the source code at Github, where related technical issues/questions can be raised
    Jaan Altosaar
    @tony-shannon is OS TeleHealth Video still being developed? (I am planning to apply some of the machine learning methods I have built for clinical conversations to an open source telehealth platform)
    @altosaar No this is not being developed any further as no funding was made available , see here for related update https://www.ripple.foundation/2020/09/changes-challenges-choices/