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  • Mar 08 2016 21:20

    rodrigok on custom-webhook-scripting-improvements

    Allow outgoing scripts to call … (compare)

  • Mar 08 2016 20:53

    rodrigok on custom-webhook-scripting-improvements

    Allow processOutgoingResponseSc… (compare)

  • Mar 08 2016 20:26
    engelgabriel commented #2435
  • Mar 08 2016 20:20

    rodrigok on custom-webhook-scripting-improvements

    Allow send message and continue… (compare)

  • Mar 08 2016 20:19
    engelgabriel labeled #2454
  • Mar 08 2016 20:18
    engelgabriel labeled #2446
  • Mar 08 2016 20:15
    engelgabriel labeled #2453
  • Mar 08 2016 20:14
    engelgabriel closed #2448
  • Mar 08 2016 20:14
    engelgabriel commented #2448
  • Mar 08 2016 20:06

    rodrigok on custom-webhook-scripting-improvements

    DRY more and allow store data i… (compare)

  • Mar 08 2016 19:54
    jclabaugh commented #2452
  • Mar 08 2016 19:40

    sampaiodiego on custom-webhook-scripting-improvements

    added underscore, underscore st… (compare)

  • Mar 08 2016 18:58
    MichaelSavin commented #301
  • Mar 08 2016 18:51
    homberger commented #2431
  • Mar 08 2016 18:50
    graywolf336 commented #2431
  • Mar 08 2016 18:46
    homberger commented #2431
  • Mar 08 2016 18:40
    royalaid commented #2431
  • Mar 08 2016 18:38
    homberger commented #2431
  • Mar 08 2016 17:54
    engelgabriel closed #2447
  • Mar 08 2016 17:54
    engelgabriel commented #2447
Riccardo Montagnin
Hello everyone, I was searching online for a reference on how to include some JavaScript code inside a message on Rocket.chat. Does anyone know how to do it? Do i link the file in the HTML script tag?
Rocket chat is down?
Haven't figured out yet how to restore backup to snap install of rocket.chat. Backing up the way docs show works but restoring doesn't seem to be as it's shown on docs.
Is there a way to use an existing database of users as the login/password for RocketChat?
Gabriel Engel
Karl Prieb
Is there a way to use an existing database of users as the login/password for RocketChat?
Gabriel Engel
yes @BigBoiJefe you have to import the DB
@engelgabriel I thought there might be a login share or something similar, or even better, a way to map RocketChat db fields with another db fields.
hey. is anybody using the docker setup? it appears there are some things that could be improved
like, I'm having trouble getting a development environment up and running because all those files are written to download releases from docker hub/github, but no files to build a stack from my local repo
there should be a Dockerfile in the project root that builds an image from the local repo
I've created RocketChat/Rocket.Chat#6970 for this
Punita Ojha
This message was deleted
hello everyone, about the trial hosting url, how long is it available?
Ali Akbar Azizkhani
hi all, is any documentation that describe how rocket chat show message and using web socket ? and with which sequence ,UI send and receive messages ? and how set messages to seen for receivers ?
How can i use it with wordpress, docs is misleading
Florent Beaurain
Hi ppl, someone already have install RocketChat in Archlinux with AUR Package ?
Hello all,
How Rocket Chat Creating Room Id in one to one chat ?


Please see https://demo.rocket.chat/channel/contributors for the active community

Hey, guys! I need help.
I have a service which implements oauth2 protocol and I have instance of rocket chat.
Currently I can login to rocket chat using oauth2. it looks like click button on rocketchat interface -> open popup -> allow access -> redirect to http://rocketchat.host:port/_oauth/service_name?params -> success
My problem is I need to authorize to rocket chat without browser. When the popup opens it contains the state parameter which I should return when do redirect. But I can't find how to get it without click on button. Is there any way to get it? Thank you.
i want to add button in message on specific type of message when received in chatbox using js if someone can help it would be great
Ajay Guru
hello world
sachin shinde
Hey @Ajay
Any questions?
Ajay NS
Hey! I'm a frontend web developer focusing on Angular and having experience with the MEAN Stack, other frameworks and such. Is there any projects I can contribute to?
sachin shinde
actually you can
or you can ping team members from demo.rocket.chat
Hey! I need help with createRoom method :)
RYeah Sh
Hi all, rocket chat looks promising, i want to create a chat app in react (or react native) using rocket chat realtime API, but it looks more enterprise and also the realtime API is not officially released yet, do you know anything more simpler and light weight that can support my requirements? thanks!
@pantchox Actually the chat of rocket chat is here : https://open.rocket.chat/channel/general
But you can ask them in github too, they are more active over there ;)
who can biuld this
Aniket Singh
Hi,I wanted to know what server url we need to enter in the app?
Aniket Singh
Can anybody help me with above ??
Buzz Zhang
Firstly you need to install RocketChat server, then you can enter url address.
RocketChat is not Slack. You must install your own server.
Aniket Singh
Is the react-native app open for contributions coz I don't see any contributions.md file in the repo??
Aniket Singh
Hi, I am facing issues with react-native-fetch-blob while trying to run the rocket chat native app. While trying to run the app, I get the error message Cannot resolve symbol CookieJarContainer .Can anybody help me?
Jomari Ryan Ramirez

I have some noob question..

if i open an issue on github, would it be possible that it will
be fixed or added on the next update?
my issue is labeled subj: ui/ux type: new feature