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  • Mar 08 2016 21:20

    rodrigok on custom-webhook-scripting-improvements

    Allow outgoing scripts to call … (compare)

  • Mar 08 2016 20:53

    rodrigok on custom-webhook-scripting-improvements

    Allow processOutgoingResponseSc… (compare)

  • Mar 08 2016 20:26
    engelgabriel commented #2435
  • Mar 08 2016 20:20

    rodrigok on custom-webhook-scripting-improvements

    Allow send message and continue… (compare)

  • Mar 08 2016 20:19
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    engelgabriel closed #2448
  • Mar 08 2016 20:14
    engelgabriel commented #2448
  • Mar 08 2016 20:06

    rodrigok on custom-webhook-scripting-improvements

    DRY more and allow store data i… (compare)

  • Mar 08 2016 19:54
    jclabaugh commented #2452
  • Mar 08 2016 19:40

    sampaiodiego on custom-webhook-scripting-improvements

    added underscore, underscore st… (compare)

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    engelgabriel closed #2447
  • Mar 08 2016 17:54
    engelgabriel commented #2447
Shikhar Vaish
Hi everyone! Beginner here... I wish to contribute to the electron-based desktop client. Is this there a channel specially for that ? I'm wanna try issue #478
I'm not sure why is it automatically linking to the wrong url, it's actually under Rocket.Chat.Electron
Jomari Ryan Ramirez
is 0.62 update already available on snap?
Mohamed Ait Taleb
hi all,
is there a way to disable direct messages between users ?
and use only rocket chat integration with other apps to get notifications
Breanna Lee
Hello, is it possible to link Gitter with RocketChat? The actual Gitter app is broke for me and i can't seem to find another alternative..
hello everybody
sachin shinde
Hi @makefriend8 what's up?
Hello 😊
Bret Carpenter
Ruchit Bhatt
How to block uploading image, audio, video, docs,etc in rocket Chat ? I want to give permission only for text message.
Also how to ip whitelisting, so that user cannot access outside office ?
Bret Carpenter
Piotr Kochan
hi, anyone here??
Jayjeet Chakraborty
Jayjeet Chakraborty
Can anyone tell me which project of rocket.chat can i select to start contributing...
Günter Selbert
hello, how to autostart the rocketchat service permanently delayed. I added "ExecStartPre=/bin/sleep 30" to the service file but after an update it was removed.
This message was deleted
Hello 😁
Nguyen Dang Tan
Hi Guys,
Please help me, How to connect Jira/Zeplin/.... to rocket.chat
sandeep kumar sahoo
Is it possible to register guest multiple times with different names for different room by opening one websocket ?
Dhiraj Sharma
Hello @/all I am looking to contribute for Gsoc 2019 may i get some info over it
Hello, I am trying to upload image file with fetch post. But the uploaded file can not be opened after download. Where is wrong? Please help me. My code is as followed.

export async function sendFileMessage(rid, fileInfo) {
try {

const { FileUpload_MaxFileSize } = reduxStore.getState().settings;

// -1 maxFileSize means there is no limit
if (FileUpload_MaxFileSize > -1 && fileInfo.size > FileUpload_MaxFileSize) {
  return Promise.reject({ error: "error-file-too-large" }); // eslint-disable-line

fileInfo.rid = rid;

await database.create("uploads", fileInfo, true);

const result = await _ufsCreate.call(this, fileInfo);

let formData = new FormData();
let file = {
  uri: fileInfo.path,
  type: "image/JPEG",
  name: fileInfo.name
}; //

formData.append("file", file);

let options = {};
options.method = "POST";
options.headers = { "Content-Type": "multipart/form-data" };
options.body = formData;

await fetch(result.url, options);

const completeResult = await _ufsComplete.call(

await _sendFileMessage.call(this, completeResult.rid, {
  _id: completeResult._id,
  type: completeResult.type,
  size: completeResult.size,
  name: completeResult.name,
  description: completeResult.description,
  url: completeResult.path

const upload = await database.objects(
  `WHERE path = ${fileInfo.path}`

} catch (e) {
fileInfo.error = true;
database.create("uploads", fileInfo, true);

is there something wrong ?
Adrian Zhang
d u check the config of web server?
I am using rocket.chat, and upload config is all right.
Adrian Zhang
no i mean check config of apache or nginx which handle request to rocket
Hi I am currently configuring rocket chat docker image on a ubuntu server. following this tutorial: https://rocket.chat/docs/installation/docker-containers/
When docker compose is started I get the following error:
hubot_1 | [Sun Feb 03 2019 10:28:35 GMT+0000 (UTC)] ERROR Unable to Login: {"isClientSafe":true,"error":403,"reason":"User not found","message":"User not found [403]","errorType":"Meteor.Error"} Reason: User not found I think I am missing something here. Which credentials am I supposed to put in the docker-compose.yml? Which login credentials should be used?
Mohamed Ait Taleb
is it possible to trigger a jenkins build from rocketchat
Jakob Ferdinand Wegenschimmel

I´m trying to build an integration to get a link to a local file displayed as link.
So i built an outgoing webhook with a script, that just returns the text as a link:

class Script {
  prepare_outgoing_request({ request }) {
    return {
        message: {
          attachments: [{
            color: '#be04f7',
            title: 'Open in File Explorer',
            title_link: request.data.text

My link looks like that: file://C:\Documents\myDocument.pdf

When I click the link i get that error: Windows cannot find '/C:\Documents\'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.
All our Rocket.Chat clients run on Windows, so there´s no need to to check for other platforms in the first moment.

Does anyone know, why Rock.Chat adds that / in front of my filepath? And how can I remove it?
Just to say: file:/C:\... doesn´t work, because than Rocket.Chat doesn´t mention the path as a link.

Mayur Rawte
Hey guys, anyone working on Rocket Chat PWA angular ?
how to install gcc into riscv-linux?
Hey everyone!
I was wondering if there was a way to disable threaded replies? It would be nice if that new feature could be optional.
Looking forward to a reply.
Mauricio de Azevedo
Hi guys...
I've a doubt,
The sql querie generate to recover snapshots when using oracle
is broken because the following part of querie... ""commit_id IN ("1.00")"
Donny Yan
how to use it
Zhang Qijie
hello guys.
how to integrate rocketchat with speech?
hello guys, When blocked a user but he still send using REST API!!!
Supratik Das
Hi team RocketChat!,
We are SDSLabs, a campus group in IIT Roorkee, India. We organize a hackathon, 'Syntax Error', every year with open source organizations and corporate companies as sponsors for the event. If RocketChat could help us with this by providing goodies and monetary support, we would be highly grateful. Looking forward towards a positive response.
Garvit Khandelwal
Hey guys. I'm new to rocketchat and want to contribute. Any guidelines which i should follow? Thanks
Eugene Shulga
Hi, is there any options to setup video calls in rocket chat without relying on third-party services like Jitsi?
Hello to this community! Do rocket.chat open source community involve projects related to ReactJs/ Redux framework of JavaScript?