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Logan Laughlin
Hello everyone. I'm not sure what I might be doing wrong, but each time I try to add Dynamic Data to a Linqpad script, I get this error:
I've tried manually installing System.Reactive 3.1.1, but I get a similar error:
I've read that this is supposed to be solved in some versions of nuget/system.reactive/dynamicdata, sometimes with the instructions to change to "PackageReference" for .csproj files, but I'm using Linqpad, not .csproj. I'm more concerned that there any issues that explain workarounds for this, as DynamicData still has a dependency on System.Reactive 3.1.1
Jeremy Kolb
is there a way to transform a property from a IObservableCache to a IObservableList? I want to do something like: (
IObservableList<string> myList = this.SensorCache.Connect()
                .DistinctValues(s => s.Group) // Find distinct values of "Group" property
                .Filter(group => !string.IsNullOrEmpty(group)) // Filter and sort
               .ToObservableList() // doesn't exist, closest I can find is Bind
Jeremy Kolb
maybe the correct question is how to go from IObservable<IChangeSet<X, Y>> to IObservable<ChangeSet<Y>>
Jozef Hollý
@kjeremy .RemoveKey()
IObservable<IChangeSet<TObject>> RemoveKey<TObject, TKey>(this IObservable<IChangeSet<TObject, TKey>> source)
Jeremy Kolb
Thanks! Now I can remove a bunch of ReadOnlyObservableCollection
Jozef Hollý

Is there a method that works like IEnumerable's SingleOrDefault? I am looking for IObservable<IChangeSet<T>>.SingleOrDefault<T> that would return IObservable<T>.

I have a SourceList<item>, and I need a IObservable<bool> that says whether a defined item is present in the collection. With LINQ I'd do .Contains(), but a reactive equivalent seems to be missing. I could use .Filter(), but then .SingleOrDefault equivalent is still needed. Am I missing something?

Jozef Hollý
While I think this operator would be useful, I solved it when I realized (Left)Join can be used if it's a cache, not a list.
Roland Pheasant
@/all for those who do not already know, the forum has moved to here If you have problems getting access please DM your email address to me and I will send an invite.
vanessa jese
Jonas Jermann
hi, given a SourceList, how do I get an observable property of e.g. list.FirstOrDefault(x => x.SomeCondition())?
Or alternatively is there some observable I can subscribe to that always changes when anything of the SourceList changes?
Usman Waheed
LiveCharts.Wpf.Axis ax = new LiveCharts.Wpf.Axis()
Title = "Period Name",
ShowLabels = true,
FontWeight = System.Windows.FontWeights.Bold,
                Foreground = new SolidColorBrush(Colors.Black),
                Labels = LabelsX,
I am trying to print the List of years coming from database
but the problem is it always gives a difference of 2 year
2010 ---> 2012 on x axis
i don't know how can i set the labels
so it will not miss any year
@/all for those who do not already know, the forum has moved to here
José Manuel Nieto
Thanks for the info!
(I'm already there)
Artur Malendowicz
guys, how the hell can i force refilter on sourceCache? triggering reapply filter doesnt work...

Should SourceList.Connect() pass an initial empty IChangeSet if the source list is empty?
It appears not to do this.
In most cases this causes no problems but when used with CombineLatest it causes the CombineLatest to wait for an initial change.

The example below outputs nothing if the list is empty but outputs a value as expected if it contains items.

SourceList<> sourcelist = new SourceList<>();
IObservable<bool> anotherObs = ...;

// some code that conditionally adds items to sourceList

    .QueryWhenChanged(x => someConditionalFunc(x))
    .CombineLatest(anotherObs, (a, b) => a || b)
    .Subscribe(x => Console.WriteLine(x));

To get around this problem I have to add .StartWith() after the QueryWhenChanged call, but the code would be simpler if Connect() always output an initial changeset.

The logical Or method does not work as I would expect.
For example Or two caches: A,B with B,C would produce A,B,C, then removing B from set 1 should still produce a combine cache A,B,C as set 2 still contains B, but actually the combined cache produces A,C.
I assumed that the Or method would be analogous to a set operator.
Forget that, I misinterpreted my debug info