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Roland Pheasant
Hi @jaytheking there are several techniques which is make to fast.
  1. The only lines from the file which is loaded at any time is the lines you see ie they are virtualised
  1. Files and search results are indexed to help make scrolling fast
  1. I used sparse indexing to ensure the indicies are not too large
Btw is not correctly adding my bullet numbers!
Jay Jamieson
@RolandPheasant that kinda makes sense, im just doing my 3rd year information science and software engineering and interested in researching more into this
Roland Pheasant
Most of the complexity of TB is due to the file management. In many ways the presentation is easy in comparison.
Jay Jamieson
ive been researching into real time streaming of logfiles without putting them into a database and this is the closest ive gotten to something worth while. Im a Java guy so some of the code makes sense. Is there something i can read to learn more about the indexing and sparse indexing?
Jay Jamieson
Roland Pheasant
Not sure of good sources for indexing as I did that off the top of my head
Man, just checked the latest screens of tailblazer
you’re kicking ass
nice work
Roland Pheasant
Darnell Williams

Hey do you have a basic tutorial on how to make use of the same system TailBlazer uses?

I have a server that generates logs files each line has some kind of identification of what loglevel it is and I have a color map for it. But I don't see a simple method of making use of the system behind TailBlazer

Roland Pheasant
@Seeker1437 No tutorial. To understand TB lines and colouring, you need to start looking at the class LineProxy and trace from there
Darnell Williams

Thanks, that was very, very helpful!

I didnt mean to headerfy that
Any chance for other permissible licenses? I'd love to embed this in tool for displaying the associated logs, but there's no way the company is going to allow GPL-V3 for any reason (and nothing I can do to change that).
Reciprocal licenses like MS-RL are okay, but not full copy-left
Regardless, I have every intent to use it myself for day to day tasks, and for that, THANKS!
Jan Karger ツ ☀
Andy Li
Hi Roland, I'm working on issue #101 and implemented line spaces by binding height of each ListBoxItem to a property. When the height is increased, lines will go off the screen because the visible lines aren't recalculated unless I resize the main window. Where is the best place to trigger the tailview to recalculate the number of visible lines?
Roland Pheasant
Off the top of my head, I cannot remember these details. I will have a think and get back to you
Anyone still using this room? Tailblazer is great, and was