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May 2016
HE Chong
May 01 2016 09:47
@jceb Found two websites that probably could be made into backends. None of them can autostem words like and But it appears that the synonym list generated are quite OK. But I don't really understand German. How do you think?
HE Chong
May 01 2016 09:52
Lack of stemming could pose a problem. It could render the searching ineffective for many situations... Do you think it's OK to add natural language processing library(e.g. NLTK) as dependency? I always find too many dependencies to be confusing to most of the users. So I tend to avoid them...
Jan Christoph Ebersbach
May 01 2016 17:40
@Ron89 all the websites are fine. Do I understand you right that NLTK would only be used to discover the word's stem and then your plugin would feed the stem into the websites to retrieve the list of synonyms?