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May 2016
Jan Christoph Ebersbach
May 21 2016 18:40
@Ron89 somehow the C-x C-u completion isn't working for me anymore. It might be something with my config. Is it still working for you?
I'm using python3 with nvim 0.1.4 and vim 7.4-1797
HE Chong
May 21 2016 23:01
For some reason, if I use <leader>cs first, both function works. Seems a loading problem. I’ll fix it rightaway.
HE Chong
May 21 2016 23:22
for some reason… both work now… I have no idea why… could you send me the error message?
HE Chong
May 21 2016 23:42
one possible reason is that you invoked C-xC-u after a whitespace. Then the case checker will throw out a out-of-boundary exception because the string of interests is empty. I have fixed it by return without querying when the string is empty. I don’t know if it’s the problem you faced?