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Jun 2017
HE Chong
Jun 02 2017 00:27
Well, to be frank, I know very little about web dev, and next to nothing about Javascript. But I have confidence in picking it up relatively fast if there is a need to use it.
HE Chong
Jun 02 2017 00:35
I do think it be better for a professional to be familiar with all existing paradigms of programming languages. But I don't think many, if any, would have been familiar with all languages. There is no reason for them to. For beginners, you can just start somewhere and then gradually expand your knowledge and experience. When you starts to get curious, you can watch some online courses or read some books/articles about different paradigms. And then you might get some better sense at this subject.
I hate batch, and am hostile to anything Windows in general. So I can't comment anything about powerscript, which I only assume to be some cheap knock-off of (sh/bash) shell script.
Jun 02 2017 18:35
okay - sounds good
a lot of the languages are similar
i was reading what the differences were on javascript... i posted some of the articles i read about it on my site ... . basically Eric Elliot a javascript programmer talks about "functional programming" and javascript "prototype" instead of using classes. Another article claims javascript is eating all the other languages..but i'm not sure how much hype that is cause theres many languages.
a lot of the traditional programers hate javascript and say it does things all wrong... but then Eric Elliot seems to think the traditional way of coding with classes is obsolete
Jun 02 2017 18:40
i think what Microsoft did in the 90s and what there doing now.. is to make everything work on windows.. so they can lure the people off linux.
so the developers go work on there system
i most did python.. id id the coarsera astroid free game programming class... it was very hard for me cause i didnt raelize it wasn't a beginner class.. i barely kept up
and i dable in javascript on my own
i wouldn't recommend that particular python class
basically there moving so fast that if u dont know how to code already.. you will have a hard time keeping up
most of the basics looks the same in javascript and python to me
python code looks a lot cleaner
and easier to write
but javascript has node.js
but u would think u would use go language on the server side
youwould think python could work on the server as well?
cause it has a lot of administration procedures
not sure if it does tho