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Nov 2014
Dorothy Jane Wingrove
Nov 02 2014 14:09
replied to that email from the girl wanting to attend tuesday.. hope what i said was right! i wasn't sure what to say! let me know if i should be responding in a different way to queries like that… xxxx hope you're feeling better!! oh and enjoy the conference!!!
Rosa Fox
Nov 02 2014 15:14
Thanks :D yeah it was right, the only thing I would add is that the invitations get sent out in batches so they don't come through as soon as people sign up so maybe she was confused as to where her invite was but you told her to RSVP on the site which does the same thing or so I think
Need to think of a place for next Tues not sure who to ask, guess there is always The Skiff and Riverglide so i'll email the Riverglide guy. I have been kind of rubbish with executing the plan for contacting companies this week but will email the main targets tonight. Trying to sort stuff out for Dublin but my printer ran out of black in so I need to run to maplins to buy some and print them wahh
Dorothy Jane Wingrove
Nov 02 2014 15:26
ahhhh that sucks! i had a similar running-out-of-paper issue last weekend
Dorothy Jane Wingrove
Nov 02 2014 16:07
that's cool, we could always like get together and again do a big batch of emails together or something.
oh and yeah meet ryan and get those flyers done!