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Jan 2015
Dorothy Jane Wingrove
Jan 23 2015 12:07
hey rosa! just doing a bit of work on wespringforward.
i actually haven’t worked with github much before, so not sure how to do a pull request, so might need some help with that later if you’re about! :smile:
hope you’re well
Rosa Fox
Jan 23 2015 14:50
Heya, cool am adding logos though have loads of other stuff to do so might need to finish 2mro
then on the little drop down menu which currently says branch: gh-pages select the branch that you pushed to
When the page loads, click on the green button that says compare and pull request
the base should be gh-pages and compare should be your branch (you can change with the drop down menus)
then click on the green 'create pull request' button in the corner and it will be done
Dorothy Jane Wingrove
Jan 23 2015 14:58
ohh i should create a new branch? then pushto that? so, if create a new branch, it should just appearthere ?