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Repo info
    Hey! In my project I have a local installation of Mocha, and when I try to run the grunt-mocha-cli task, I receive the following error: Fatal error: spawn {project_path}/node_modules/mocha/../.bin/mocha ENOENT
    Mocha binary is located in the {project_path}/node_modules/mocha/bin/, so if I change the 55th line of grunt-mocha-cli in lib/mocha.js from spawnOptions.cmd += '/../.bin/mocha'; to spawnOptions.cmd += '/bin/mocha';, it works fine. Can you suggest any solution? (I mean except this little workaround.)
    Thank you!
    Roland Warmerdam
    hmm, i'll need to fix that
    but you shouldn't really be installing your own mocha anyway because grunt-mocha-cli already has it's own version (unless you have a good reason?)
    if you uninstall your own mocha dependency it will work fine
    I've added mocha to the devDependencies first, used it in standalone, and I configured Grunt later. But I think it should be the same anyway... Grunt-mocha-cli requires Mocha 2.3.3 at least and I have 2.3.4, so it should be OK.
    Thank you for your help.
    How to write test cases for react functions without return statements
    Roland Warmerdam
    Sorry, no idea. :smile: But remember this plugin is only for server-side tests.