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Sep 2015
Steven Liekens
Sep 22 2015 00:47
you're thinking of the wrong classes
HttpClient can be mocked
and will replace ServiceClient
Steven Liekens
Sep 22 2015 06:12
so even though it has no interface and can't be mocked with conventional mocking frameworks, it's still testable
as opposed to HttpWebRequest/HttpWebResponse
HttpClient uses HttpRequestMessage and HttpResponseMessage
and a pipeline of message handlers that you can plug in to
it's a very flexible API
much better than what we have now
the only reason why I didn't use it in the first place is because it isn't in .NET 4
it's new in 4.5
we were still using 4.0 at the time
Steven Liekens
Sep 22 2015 09:48
@Ruhrpottpatriot you don't really want to keep using something that I wrote instead of the base class library
trust me ;)