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Oct 2015
Robert Logiewa
Oct 24 2015 00:20
could you do it next week?
or @SamHurne
Steven Liekens
Oct 24 2015 09:22
let me see if I can list all changes that need to be implemented for HoT
ah man
I really don't like how the legacy nuget packages are the first one to show in a search for "gw2"
and I can't think of a good reason to have them show up in search
Steven Liekens
Oct 24 2015 09:55
I can see that they finally fixed the "unlock_type" for outfits
for the longest time, the API used to return "unlock_type": "Unknown"
that's one thing we gotta fix
no other item types were added to the API
checking recipes now
Steven Liekens
Oct 24 2015 19:01
@Ruhrpottpatriot there's quite a few undocumented json fields and values that are lost in the conversion to objects
see Ruhrpottpatriot/GW2.NET#27
Steven Liekens
Oct 24 2015 21:18
@Ruhrpottpatriot I pushed a new branch to your repo
Steven Liekens
Oct 24 2015 21:24
for v1.4.0
needs a code review before tagging and publishing
Steven Liekens
Oct 24 2015 21:44
I spent today and yesterday iterating over all data from all endpoints to catch missing mappings
but there's always a chance that I missed some
so please someone check